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Environmental large-scale agricultural plant of 10,000 Hectares, equivalent of 100 square kilometers, CO2 neutral and energy independent. The newest German technology and know-how help build bio-gas and fertilizer plants as well as provide free electricity.

The Headquarter will be in the Investor’s Country or in Switzerland

The company is run by “Swiss Management Baumann” (SMB) with a long experience in staple food crops, growing up in a farming community with an extensive agricultural background, a passion for farming and fresh produce. SMB will grow and produce inexpensive food staples such as canola, wheat, brewing barley, sunflower, corn, soya bean, etc - all of which will be sold at prices set by the big commodities markets (Paris and Chicago).

Production will be operated under the European CAP standards for environmental and social agriculture to ensure high quality products. A Swiss Management style will be the basis for running daily operations in the Ukraine.

Envisioned is an agricultural production area of approx. 10,000 hectares, which ideally can be divided into two to three closely spaced sub-areas. That way, in the first year already 60 percent of the long-term yield per unit area (ha) can be achieved. In the second year 80 per cent can be achieved and from the third year this rises to 100 percent, i.e. the farm’s full potential.