Historical Background

Swiss Management Family with Ukrainian roots, that is Swiss Management Baumann. Mr. Thomas Baumann and his Ukrainian-Swiss wife Mrs.Irina Andreijevna Baumann long agriculture and management experience as well as passion makes the building of the large agricultural business in the Ukraine a reality and a safe investment. The agricultural land chosen is in the Oblast Poltava region, which boasts excellent soil conditions with excellent good water balance and moderate climate. Understanding the Ukrainian people and respecting existing structures and ways of doing business and farming will be easy for Swiss management Baumann, which live there and have both been involved in farming for many years. The life of Baumanns is dedicated to farming.

Why Swiss Management Baumann is the Guarantee for the Success

Thomas Baumann   

Managing Director, Head of Operations

A Swiss citizen, has been connected to agriculture since his childhood, as the son of an engineer. Originally, he trained as a blacksmith and farm machinery repairman at the machine fabrication company Bucher & Guyer gaining several years of professional experience. He then decided to retrain in agricultural/farming disciplines. To this day, he remains faithful to this training and has a lot of passion for his profession and the agricultural/farming industry. His introduction to the Ukraine came in 2008 when he was given the opportunity to construct and manage a local collective farm. With his role and leadership, the collective farm in the Ukraine has been a success story. Throughout his experiences in the Ukraine, Thomas continues to be impressed by the country’s great agricultural potential and to this day, he continues to work there as a consultant across various collective farms. He interacts in the field and brings invaluable experience into the organization of cultivation and harvesting.

Irina Andreijevna Baumann       

Managing Director, Director Administration

Since growing up in the countryside, agriculture was inevitably close to Irina, she worked on a farm (kolkhoz) and became involved in farm administration, gaining pleasure in agricultural accounting. This positive experience then led her to complete a third study to become an agricultural accountant. To this day, she has enjoyed her agricultural accountant profession and even with the rapidly changing political and tax structures she continues to remain on the top and today is well-known in the agriculture industry in her country. Her administrative services are considered to be a strong backbone, essential for the successful operation of this proposed large-scale agricultural business.

The Baumanns are seasoned technical entrepreneurs, who appreciate that their work builds a great network in the community and that they make a difference in others’ lives. With their thorough know-how and passion for farming, their strong network connections and their excellent name and reputation in the farming industry, they are very confident in managing and operating an even larger-scale agricultural business. With the experience gained in their successful previous work lives, they will bring to the light the enormous potential within the agricultural business in the Ukraine. Their decision to lead this large-scale farming project in Ukraine has been as they say, the best decision in their life.

Another member of Swiss Management Baumann is Mr. Urs Hartmann, a Swiss citizen, and highly skilled agriculturalist and superintendent at of the national dairy and agricultural plant. At a later point in time, Urs also Looks forward to become more involved in the mass operation of the plant in the Ukraine.

External Consultants

Nikolay Dubenets, Professor of Seed Production Lines, Ukraine

Ruslan Taran, Lawyer, Special areas - Agriculture, Ukraine

Henry Hozak, Dipl. Pol. - Passive Energy Ltd., Berlin, Germany